10 South Korean phenomenons

How many times did you read over and over again the same characteristics about Koreans or actually any other nation in the travel guides? This could be a little deeper insight or just a list of small details you can’t help noticing 🙂 Advertisements

Korean life from a European’s point of view / 1st month

What is it like to live in South Korea with an obvious European face – I asked myself a hundred times before leaving. You should forget all the prejudice and ideally see for yourself! If you can’t, maybe this post might be a little enlightening…

20 discoveries I’ve made during the first week in South Korea

It’s been a while since I’ve left Europe and went on a bigger adventure – South Korea. Here’s my personal list that sums up what I’ve experienced and learned during the first 7 days of my stay. So if you asked how I was doing and I hadn’t given you a proper answer yet, this is for you….