A one-day long walk in lovely Oxford

Clearly can’t think of a better one day getaway from the busy capital. Enjoy this small selection of my pictures that sums up how lucky we were when it was not too rainy in England.


Oxford is a city in South-Middle England (that’s the proper description I think) situated not even a 100km away from London. The plan of its inner centre is completely full of university buildings which underline the very sophisticated feeling when you just walk by them. No exaggeration.

The valuable historical background and the city location make it a perfect option for your 1-day getaway from a busy weekend in London. By train or by bus in basically no time, it could not be easier.

Just a side note – I took the photos on my Windows Phone, and obviously all of them are mine. At this link, you’ll find a map attached where the places I’ve taken the shots at are pin-pointed. So you, on your own visit, can follow it step-by-step.
Now just sit back, relax and enjoy the walk. 😉


You can capture “every random courtyard” and it will still include a lot of heavy atmosphere.


Divinity School, the place where you are not so sure you are allowed to speak 🙂


What is a “yummy facade”? Ah, I see!
A definite must-do when in Oxford – to climb up the tower of the University Church of St Mary the Virgin.
This nice roof-pattern is obviously a perfect place for a proposal. Wouldn’t you agree?


How to freeze time: 1) find a seat in the Trinity College gardens. That’s it.
This was just such a pretty romantic place until I found out that it is called Dead Man’s Walk.


You certainly got the idea what a one-day long relaxing walk around the centre of Oxford is about. Remember it once you’re in England and you prefer to escape the crowds 😉



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  1. Oxford seems like a great place for a walk, Andrea! Is there a regular bus like from London?


    1. urbantwists says:

      Hi Agness, yes there are more options – there’s a bus operated by Oxford Tube running regularly from Victoria station, and Im pretty sure National Express goes there too. The tickets might be hard not to book sometimes 😊 Hope you’ll have an amazing time!!☀


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