Berlin for second-timers

How about Berlin? Have you visited Berlin? Sure, you have. And now you’re wondering what to do on your next visit since you’ve “seen it all” sort of? Well, I was! If you are seeking some useful tips where to sit down for a cup of nice latté or where to find a hidden winery – then I guess, you’re on the right page 🙂


I’ve been to Berlin four times and it seemed a little unnecessary to repeat the good old places that are on the top 5 most visited sights of the city. Sure, I don’t argue about them being great and magnificent but be honest now and count the times you’ve been to Checkpoint Charlie or one of the surrounding museums?
That’s why I’m setting up this list for you to pick pieces from and add them to your own itinerary – hope you’ll find it useful!

  • Westberlin Café on Friedrichstrasse
    Pass by Charlie Checkpoint and here it is! This recommended (by 11 out of 10 architectural students with a coffee addiction) café with a quite relaxing atmosphere is at the same time a bookshop offering some quite interesting out-of-the-mainstream titles. Some students use the big table at the back for studying but you can always grab a seat by the window and do some people watching while sipping your cappuccino.
    (Friedrichstraße 215, Berlin; Westberlin)
  • Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Centrearchi tipBerlin knihovna (2)
    This gorgeous library by Max Dudler belongs to the Humboldt University in Berlin but don’t get scared off and definitely go in. The regular grid you see on the outer facade is repeated in the interior, though in a wooden version, and I promise you’ll love it! Definitely try to find the main reading room (can you still call it  “a room” in these dimensions?). Although the project is quite new (2011), it already has “it”, you know, the great library feeling.
    (Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 1-3, Berlin)
    Berlin kinhovna interier (2)
  • Kreuzberg’s authentic sushi corner
    A quick-but-delicious dinner tip around Kreuzberg. These guys speak properly neither English nor German, so you can already imagine that their sushi is REAL. 🙂 If you’re not up for anything fancy (/you are on a budget), this is definitely an easy-going way to enjoy your meal.
    (Adalbertstraße 90, Berlin; Aki Tatsu Sushi &More)
  • “What do you fancy, love?”
    Admittedly the brightest surprise of my last trip. I know you’re probably thinking the name is too long, too sweet… but all of these thoughts disappear when you enter and order your own guacamole bagel. Not only is this place perfect for lazy weekend mornings, it fits for a coffee&cake afternoon too. Just a little warning, it might seem crowded/busy but the seats are running quickly, so please do stay and wait a couple of minutes – it is worth it. 😉
    (Knesebeckstraße 68, Berlin; What do you fancy love?)

    2mins in a day when there is no queue waiting to be served with a lovely fresh…… (insert a word).
  • Sophisticated wine heaven
    Not only is the interior cozy, but the stuff is also well-informed about what they’re serving you. Nobody’s taking the wine tasting game too seriously, you’re just in the right hands. And the wine is just heaven served in a glass! 😛
    A side note – you’ll need an extra portion of luck to find seats without making a reservation first.
    (Dresdenerstraße 124, Berlin; Ottorink weinbar)roof detail
  • Reichstag rooftop – archi tip
    If you feel like you HAVE TO/should see some touristy place, choose the copule of Reichstag’s building. This Norman Foster’s cutie is technically very precise and thought through. At the same time it spreads a lot of different views from the ramp (if you’re timing better and the sky is not so foggy). We could definitely recommend to take the audio guide (all free) to make most of their informative tape. 😉
    (Platz der Republik 1, Berlin; Reichstag)Berlin_kupole

To be frank, Berlin is not included in my top 10 favourite cities but there are many ways to lighten-up your visit. I’d love to hear from you if you have visited anything from the places listed above or you have some other gems to share. 🙂
LOVE, Andrea



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  1. blueberryjane says:

    I should consider going there 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. urbantwists says:

      Absolutely yes!! It is not a primarily pretty city but it does some soul-stealing 😉


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