10 South Korean phenomenons

How many times did you read over and over again the same characteristics about Koreans or actually any other nation in the travel guides? This could be a little deeper insight or just a list of small details you can’t help noticing 🙂

The true side of tourism. You can’t really escape it.
  1. Pressure on being in a relationship
    It’s tough and not quite understood by your Korean friends if you are single. Ah, probably a very miserable life you’re living. Better find a friend who you would be matching your outfits with. Quickly!
  2. Bathroom baskets
    It’s a thing! I tried to last out and not buy one. Then the fifth day came – and I have a bathroom basket too. It’s very practical (and pink – double points, yeii) 🙂 Easy to use, just stuff it with all your necessary bathroom sh*t and take it all in one piece with you.
  3. Enourmously wide range of cosmetics
    Korean cosmetics is known worldwide and there’s no way you can miss it when living there. And you don’t even want to. 😉 A huge number of differently flavoured face masks is just a heaven. And everything else you can/can’t imagine – hand masks, feet masks, lip masks… and obviously every girl AND boy has a face cleaning foam for their bathroom rituals. (All of it works as just the perfect souvenir, obviously.)

  4. No number 4
    Are you a little confused by the elevator panel? Does it say 1, 2, 3, 3A, 5, 6, ..? N.4 is considered unlucky and it is said it brings death too. Only a fool would put up a building with that floor number. Not me.

    This breathtaking sunset is all you want after a nice picnic. Central Park, Incheon.
  5. Everything was fine until the Japanese came

    After 3 and more museum/gallery/traditional village visits, you’ll find out Koreans blame them for everything. Japanese burned their traditional buildings (not that difficult to happen since the absolutely most frequent building material was wood), took away Korean cultural heritage etc. Well, it’s not too funny. There’s a big – and actually fair – disappointment and injustice that came with the Japanese invasion.

  6. Rice obssesion
    Rice is probably the only considerable side dish and you will have it for everything. The bizarre scene comes when you have it in your “mexican” burrito as an absolutely dominating ingredient. And you better expect rice burgers where the bun is replaced by, yes, rice again.

    Fairy tale village, Incheon. A promising candidate for the creepiest place in South Korea.

  7. Korean fashion habits
    In a number of guides, they say you’ll recognize a Korean by their style. These 4 months were just confirmed it. Easy guide: stripes or plain colour (antique pink, light blue or white). In winter it will be a very very thick winter coat with fur and don’t worry, NB sneakers go with everything. 😉wp_20160401_13_16_24_pro-2
  8. Different sense of orientation in the space
    Nearly a miracle is happening on the streets on everyday basis. When everybody on the pavement is walking with their faces stuck to their Samsung screens, they most likely have some extra pair of eyes. They never hit anyone! Another piece of cake is when they’re watching out. There’s no establishment of where to step out when running into somebody. No right, no left in South Korea.

    The cutest shopping centre at the Insa-dong street, Seoul.
  9. Mirrors
    This one is an addictive game. The mirrors are installed everywhere and reaching giant sizes. Since it is extremely important to look tidy and neat in the public, you are offered to check up on it basically everywhere. Sounds quite reasonable, right?
  10. The tenth is up to you to find out, I don’t want to spoil everything by telling you before you do your own trip 🙂

Love, Andrea



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  1. Nicole says:

    Super článek a celkově krásnej blog! 🙂


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