Best one-day getaways from Prague

Being in Prague is always a busy time so you’re nearly celebrating that you managed to take a day off. One of the ways to celebrate such an “event” is escaping from the capital to see more of the Czech Republic. Here are a couple of places that are easy to reach and there is always enough to do or see for the whole day. 🙂 So how many of them could you check?

Kutná hora
m so sure your image of the town is especially the ossuary – the underground chapel made of human bones only. BUT Kutná Hora is much more than that! Of course, this creepy venue attracts tourists and there is something about it… However, the historical part of the city with the majestic cathedral and the monastery are a great competitor for the ossuary.

Been there like a hundred times already but still, 
it’s hard to find my way. Liberec is not a very compact city and that makes the orientation harder. But there are many favorable places to sit down for a cup of coffee or a cake. Just remember – the weather is quite influenced by the geographical position so don‘t really count on a nice sunny day 😉

Climb up the townhall tower, even though they don’t really advertise it :))

I would like to ask Brno fans not to get offended too soon here. It is a great one-day trip, but obviously one day is not enough to see all that Brno can offer (does it sound peaceful enough?). Lately the market of those little cafés and original stores popped-up and I haven’t seen such a number of them anywhere else. The great thing is you can hardly make a mistake by coming into one.

Český Krumlov
Narrow streets and red roofs, very colourful facades – it almost feels like escaping the real world. It will be a very calm one-day trip with a nice walk, views, meals and what is more – you can also meet some Asians tourists there! More about this lovely place in the post The contrast of Český Krumlov


saying its too far, because it is not! Get up early for once, jump on a train and you‘ll see. This is a must-see for every Czech so don’t be surprised to meet them there. I would really like to recommend the Christmas markets in Dresden but I cannot, it is too crowded for me somehow, sorry. But the city itself is amazing, fast-moving and fun, especially when you have a friend living there! 🙂

It looks far, but with the very convenient – and surprisingly still cheap – trains, it is easy to reach. Olomouc is an amazing city with a rich history. Nowadays, it
s a typical example of a student city with empty streets when the semester is over. Me and my dear friend (Hi, A!) highly recommend to plan the visit fot the Christmas markets – it is not as crowded as Prague and the special types of punch throw you quickly into the Christmas mood.

On Christmas markets there are many different and very special types of hot wine offered. Reserve some time to taste the Finnish one!

Karlovy Vary
A place to enjoy walking on promenades, tasting the mineral waters with a healing effect (of course) and visiting a well-known film festival.
Even though the city is being overtaken by Russians, it is still Czech. The important has been mentioned, but it is not hard to find Russian signs or menus.

Plzeň / Pilsen
The capital of beer is what pops up first. This is the part you can
‘t miss of course, visiting the brewery or at least the museum. Taste the Czech gold and admit it is the best in the world 🙂 If you feel like experiencing more than the beer sigthseeing, enter the townhall and check the huge 3D model of the inner city. It shows the structure of streets/urban planning very clearly, so nice!

Prachovské skály
if you
‘re a fan of nature and butt workouts, this is a great place that combines both. Count on a lot of going up and down the steps between the magnificent rock formations. As a part of the Bohemian Paradise you can be sure it is going to look at least very nice. Once you’re there make a stop at the town nearby called Jičínjust try to avoid Sundays when it won‘t be too easy to find your morning croissant.

WP_20151031_13_05_34_Proprachovske skaly

…Or just stay at home, it’s up to you!


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  1. I’ve recently been to Prague and I am speechless of its beauty. Unfortunately, I haven’t read your post earlier, so I didn’t know these getaways. Gret reason to go back soon, right?


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