20 discoveries I’ve made during the first week in South Korea

It’s been a while since I’ve left Europe and went on a bigger adventure – South Korea. Here’s my personal list that sums up what I’ve experienced and learned during the first 7 days of my stay. So if you asked how I was doing and I hadn’t given you a proper answer yet, this is for you. 🙂


  1. A meal that is not spicy can still make you cry.
  2. When the dormitory guide says bring your own pillows and blankets, it’s not exaggerated.
  3. There is always a lot of paperwork for whatever you do. Even though the rules clash or they are not clear, you are supposed to respect them, otherwise youll be fined.
  4. Everything costs thousands wons and it makes you giggle for at least the first three days.
  5. Internet Explorer rules it all.
  6. Incheon is the coldest city in South Korea.
  7. Rice at least three times a day!
  8. How much make-up is it possible to put on your face?

    WP_20160226_15_47_49_Pro (2)
    View from the N Seoul Tower. Let me see some smog too, please!
  9. There are some tall Koreans too.
  10. All the products in the shops have such a cute packaging that it makes you buy them. 

  11. Even though you are not supposed to blow your nose in public, you realise that all the other options that are used instead are more than gross.
  12. Never been through that many fingerprint registrations in my life.
  13. Cute is the new sexy.
  14. Rumour has it that Chinese people are kidnapping people for their blue eyes.
  15. Koreans are very helpful. Ready to repeat the sentence even 10 times for you, very clearly and slowly… but they won‘t switch into English.

    Namsan-gol Traditional Village, Seoul.
  16. It’s okay to ask people about their age and relationship status without sounding interested in them whatsoever.
  17. Seoul is most likely 9 times bigger than you imagine.
  18. Jet lag is not a one-day issue.
  19. The DMZ is considered a touristic attraction.
  20. The sunset is truly beautiful. 

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  1. Excellent discoveries! South Korea seems like lots of fun! What time of the year would you suggest visiting Incheon?

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    1. urbantwists says:

      Sweet Agness, thanks a lot for the question 🙂 I would definitely say April/May when the air is not too humid yet while there’s a high chance for seeing the cherry blossom. I’m preparing a separate post about Incheon so if you are patient, there will be more detailed info coming 😉


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