The contrast of Český Krumlov

A Czech version of Disneyland that attracts tourists who would like to go deeper than just to see the capital. Add it to your list, nobody (ever) regretted it…

Did you know that Český Krumlov is called “a little Prague”? Actually the castle complex is the second biggest in the Czech Republic, right after the Prague Castle.  And did you know that it is also called “a bigger Brno”? Well, it is not.

I got the opportunity to go for a great one-day trip and used one of the last sunny days in 2015 to have a closer look at Český Krumlov – an absolute fairy tale place! No kidding, it makes you at least very suspicious if it is not just a cardboard-made town for Chinese tourists (there are tons of them). After 20 minutes in the colourful streets with paving you realise it is pure history. And that’s the point where I have to warn you – it is really touching 🙂

InstagramCapture_574c8155-4705-4066-8dd7-70eb3a9445d8The whole village seems to have two dominant points.

  • Apparently, the first one is the castle with its multicoloured tower that helps everybody to orientate. The castle is also surrounded by a bear moat with bears who are supposed to guard it (but nobody has ever seen them, same story everywhere).
    If you walk throught the complex of the beautiful inner yards and walls with absolutely amazing through-views, you arrive into the gardens. Try to ask a rethoretical question about a particular type of a bush and I can guarantee the garden architect who worked on the reconstruction appears! The way he put his newspapers down sitting on a bench and started talking to us was not making me sure it’s a coincidence..
Making pictures through the walls-windows will steal your soul…
  • The second dominant is the river. Obviously, from the history blah blah… Not only does it give a “shape” to the village and it pretty much did all the urbanists’ job at that time, but it also brings some life to the town. Yes, Krumlov also has a different side apart from the touristic one.
    During the hot days in summer, the village is full of paddlers in their swimsuits. They’re passing through Český Krumlov paddling on canoes or they usually have a break here. And here comes something you probably expect – the absurd contrast between the very well-kept buildings, all lined up, clean and neat, AND the more-than-half-naked sweaty people shouting at each other whether they’re having lunch at that expensive restaurant or they’re going to cook themselves. Lovely.


The inner part of the village has a lot to offer of course. There’s surprisingly a pretty high number of galleries, little stores with hand-made products and family business cafes in a very little area. Besides that, would you expect a brewery, outdoor theatre or any street art here?

To sum it up, choose wisely the time of the year when to visit. However, it is highly recommended to do so 🙂 Fingers crossed for a nice weather for you too!


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  1. Šárka says:

    Máš moc krásný fotky….


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