How fake is Port Grimaud?

Haven’t heard of the younger, smaller and less touristic Saint-Tropez? How much of it is true and how much is an illusion then..? Go for your aha-moment and read the post 😉


Down at the French Riviera, you’re able to explore many beautiful views, sunny beaches and villages and Port Grimaud seems to be one of them. Where is the truth though?

In the bay just 4km from the magnificent Saint-Tropez there’s a place that is considered an even posher neighborhood.
It’s hard to say how many inhabitants PG has because not everybody (basically nobody) is a permanent resident. And it would be just a boring number you would skip anyway.

Oh yes, this is probably the most common picture, taken from Rialto bridge. But it shows that you can park your motor boat right next to your seat at the restaurant. Honestly, how amazing is that?

How it all began

Not that long ago, in 1960s , a French architect Francois Spoerry was having hard times getting all administrative things done to build up a whole village in the not so lucrative place. At that time it was all a marshland that obviously doesn’t offer convenient conditions for constuction.

He succeeded in designing the whole village which was clearly inspired by the canals in Venice. Another inspiration source is also very evident – he tried to immitate the old local housing like in Saint Tropez. Thanks to the usage of same materials, the same shades of colours and dispositions, the town really leaves a similar impression.

How people live there

Then in 1967 the property market was open and wealthy people from all over world started moving in. Nowadays, the situation remains similar. When entering the village you can distinguish between the part for tourists and the separated (and actually locked) part for residents.

Once you’re a resident you’re living a dream! You’ve got a code, the postman knows your name, you’re greeting with your local gardener and my very favourite part – you go by shuttle boat with Laurent! ❤ He’s the most friendly local who is happy to share all his valuable knowledge – like where to buy the best quality fruit, when is the next Mistral coming, when does which event take place etc. Besides that he’s that kind of a man in his years who can tell you how good you look today without sounding creepy 🙂 …BUT it’s in French only.

Untitled design

What would your schedule be like

Besides going to the beaches to find the best ice-cream (this can take you days literally), eating children’s portion pizza in Rialto – that’s just the trick because you’ll receive a decent sized pizza anyway – and visiting the markets of course, there is a handful of places for 1-day trips, hooray! Saint-Tropez is unmistakable and very easy to reach by boat or bus. Once you have a car, drive to historical Avignon or Aix-en-Provence. If you would be more interested in the islands and their nature, go for Porquerolles or Port-Cros, I’m sure you’ll love it! 😉

To sum it up, even though the city is actually faking historical appearance and old traditional style of living, you can have a real life there, meet great personalities, try out the perfection of the French cuisine and enjoy some of your best months in your life!


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