Prague: 8 interiors for a cup of coffee

Having a hard time deciding where to meet your friend for a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate? Check my “top 8” places in Prague where to sit down in an amazing place! If you feel like I forgot some place very important, don’t hesitate to write a comment below. Now go and check how much of the list have you already visited 😉


  1. Number one is clear – the interior of EMA espresso bar is very simple and that always works the best!
    I’m sure you at least heard about it, didn’t you. The dominant wooden table in the middle of the room lets you sit around together with other coffee-lovers which creates a very friendly atmosphere. What’s more, the taste of the coffee is amazing and that is probably one of the reasons why this place is becoming really popular.  
    (Na Florenci 1, Praha 1)
  2. What place could have a nicer interior than the one that is named after it – yes, Styl & Interier it is!
    This hidden tip totally benefits from its position – right in the centre of the city! How is that working that you can escape from the busy streets into an absolute heaven? I have no idea, go and see yourself 😉 Sitting there brings a lot of inspiration since all the objects you see displayed are actually meant for purchase. Oh and their garden!! (Vodičkova 35, Praha 1)Untitled design
  3.  Not just coffee but also food is highly recommended in Café Neustadt.
    Another not-so-easy to find café is located in the inner courtyard of the local townhall. I would describe the interior as hipster but we all know very well that it causes a lot of mind-changing and “nevers”. Anyways, check their program, there are plenty of events going on, music/film/literature related – you will find one for yourself to enjoy. 
    (Karlovo náměstí , Praha 2)
  4. Café Louvre is one of the proofs of the Czech obssesion with France and French titles.
    The rule is simple: what sounds French, is totally fancy. Well, in this case it’s actually true. This historical spot was also visited by well-known names such as A. Einstein, F. Kafka or K. Čapek. What is important for you, is a very thick hot chocolate and a breakfast from their menu. 
    (Národní 22, Praha 1)
  5. Mlýnská kavárna is exactly the cool place you need to know about
    A nice and cosy place in a mill where they offer a bit of everything and
    it basically can‘t go wrong. The interior was renovated and the dominant point is the bar counter. David Černý collected little pieces of everything possible from the people living around and they are now kept in a transparent plastic counter. (Všehrdova 14, Praha 1)
  6. Mamacoffee – the chain of tasty coffee all over Prague
    Their business seems to go very well. Besides the six cafes they own, their coffee is also served in another places. W
    e’re grateful for the farmers‘ markets, especially the one at Náplavka. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy your cup of coffee while the riverside of Prague becomes the interior. (yes, that was deep.) 
  7. Fancy something a little fancier? Café Lounge could be your place for a coffee and a cake
    This is a nice lesson of how to do a lot
    with small tables on a small area. What I really like here is – besides the all home-made cakes and probably the greatest panna cotta – the wallpaint in the room further from the entrance, very chic stripes that totally make you feel classy just sitting there! (Plaská 8, Praha 5)
  8. Not a coffee fan? Choco Café U Červené židle is for you then
    Prepare yourself to spend a minimum of 15 mins going through the menu, it contains a never-ending list of hot chocolate. (Go for the one with the fruit in!) A very homely atmosphere makes you stay and come back for sure. And actually writing this makes me reserving a seat, damn it. 
    (Liliová 4, Betlémské náměsti 8, Praha 1)

    For those who made it till here, tip n.9 is coming! Café Jen is the best choice for a lazy morning breakfast, plus they enjoy celebrating unusual feasts – photo taken on the international pancake day 🙂 (Kodaňská 37, Praha 10)

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  1. Šárka says:

    Naprosto úžasně zpracované,Andrejko. Moc mě baví s Tebou cestovat:-)


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