Berlin for second-timers

How about Berlin? Have you visited Berlin? Sure, you have. And now you’re wondering what to do on your next visit since you’ve “seen it all” sort of? Well, I was! If you are seeking some useful tips where to sit down for a cup of nice latté or where to find a hidden winery – then…

Liebster Award

The name of the award comes from a German word “Liebster” which means “the dearest” and apparently an English word “Award”. Which makes it impossible to say three times in a row while trying to be exact with the pronunciations and accents. Or is it just me? (I can see you trying it now!)

Viennese facades in pics

What do you seek when travelling? I’m trying to observe the pattern of the city. Does it ring any bells? Let me show you what I mean. The white neoclassical facades in Vienna are just perfectly suitable for patterns seekers. 🙂 Scroll down to see for yourself (and then you can try to persuade me that this is not…

Behind the posh scenes of Saint Tropez

This popular summer destination on the French Riviera is favoured mainly by the upper class due to its name and shops that reside here. However, there’s much more than this first impression that “Saint Trop” has to offer.

Graz as a romantic must-do

St Valentine’s day is approaching (well, as an annual holiday, it’s always approaching no matter the time of the year, isn’t it) and there’s a city in Austria you might not consider as a romantic destination at first. See why I do!

10 South Korean phenomenons

How many times did you read over and over again the same characteristics about Koreans or actually any other nation in the travel guides? This could be a little deeper insight or just a list of small details you can’t help noticing 🙂

Korean life from a European’s point of view / 1st month

What is it like to live in South Korea with an obvious European face – I asked myself a hundred times before leaving. You should forget all the prejudice and ideally see for yourself! If you can’t, maybe this post might be a little enlightening…

Best one-day getaways from Prague

Being in Prague is always a busy time so you’re nearly celebrating that you managed to take a day off. One of the ways to celebrate such an “event” is escaping from the capital to see more of the Czech Republic. Here are a couple of places that are easy to reach and there is always enough to do…

20 discoveries I’ve made during the first week in South Korea

It’s been a while since I’ve left Europe and went on a bigger adventure – South Korea. Here’s my personal list that sums up what I’ve experienced and learned during the first 7 days of my stay. So if you asked how I was doing and I hadn’t given you a proper answer yet, this is for you….

The contrast of Český Krumlov

A Czech version of Disneyland that attracts tourists who would like to go deeper than just to see the capital. Add it to your list, nobody (ever) regretted it…

How fake is Port Grimaud?

Haven’t heard of the younger, smaller and less touristic Saint-Tropez? How much of it is true and how much is an illusion then..? Go for your aha-moment and read the post 😉

Prague: 8 interiors for a cup of coffee

Having a hard time deciding where to meet your friend for a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate? Check my “top 8” places in Prague where to sit down in an amazing place!